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Breeding Philosophy

There are a lot of very successful breeders. Unfortunately, there are also many breeders who have no business breeding dogs. We have been very fortunate that we have been exposed to and have learned from some of the best breeders around. We feel it is very important to always continue to learn new things and to constantly look to improve our breeding program. This has allowed us to avoid many of the pitfalls that other breeders have experienced.

If we would not be happy with a clone of either the dam or a clone of the sire then we will not be make a cross between them. Most likely in a litter you are going to get some puppies that have a lot of their mom’s traits, some puppies that have a lot of their dad’s traits and some that have a more balanced combination of the two, good or bad. This is why we feel it is important that a cross isn’t made unless we would be satisfied getting either a clone of the mother or the father.

You cannot breed away faults. Dogs with faults should not be bred. You can however breed away from weaknesses. All dogs have strengths and weaknesses. If a dog is lacking in one area or another, but not to the extreme that it’s a fault and is otherwise a complete dog, we breed it to a dog who is stronger in those areas. We never double up on weaknesses and we never breed faulty dogs.

We won’t make a cross unless we ourselves would look at a puppy out of the cross. We put a great deal of thought into every cross we make. There are no guarantees in breeding. All you can do is breed the best male to the best female that complement each other. It is extremely important to start out with the best possible female. You cannot expect the male to save the cross. You have to breed a good female to a good male or the chance of getting good pups is greatly reduced.

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